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I like red hair.

I think this is fab... and not just cause I want my hair like this.:

GO over to for more. Some of the models ain't worksafe... but I know you're not at the site for just the girlies. *g*

,.o--++*^*++--o., ,.o--++*^*++--o., ,.o--++*^*++--o., ,.o--++*^*++--o.,
What is this community about, you ask.

I'd like to think it's about... everything. However my main focus is going to be hot girls and good photography. I'll try to keep the nudity (ahem) ...eroticism... behind LJ cuts for those of us who need to browse during the workday for sanity's sake. :)


I also am a fan of the following:

Upon my recent travels to the latter, I noticed little Miss agent_valentine featured in the gallery, so I had to draw some attention to it. She's way fab. :)


That's about it for now.

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